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Ivomec Sheep Drench (960 ml)

(Currently Not Available)


Provides treatment and control of adult and fourth-stage larvae of roundworms & lungworms, and all larval stages of nasal bots. Administer orally at a dose of 3 ml per 26 lbs body wt. Delivers 0.2 mg ivermectin per 1 kg body wt. Ready-to-use solution is specifically formulated for use in sheep only. May cause severe reactions in other animals. Do not treat sheep within 11 days of slaughter.

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Safe-Guard Goat Dewormer (125ml)


Low-dose volume suspension for the removal and control of adult stomach worms (Haemonchus contortus & Teladorsagia circumcincta) in goats, including pregnant goats. Contains 100 mg fenbendazole per ml. Dosage: 2.9 ml orally per 125 lbs body wt. May retreat after 4-6 wks. 125 ml deworms 43 - 125 lb goats. Not for use in lactating goats. 6 day slaughter withdrawal. Safe for pregnant goats!

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Milk Replacers

Multi Species Milk Replacers (4 lbs.)


A nutritional supplement and source of live (viable) naturally occurring
microorganisms for use in newborn and very young calves, foals,
piglets, kids, puppies and kittens (not recommended for use in lambs).
Can also be used as a food supplement for geriatric animals, for adult
animals during convalescence, and to combat stress in show dogs and

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Shearing: Clippers and Accessories

Blade Wash (18 oz.)


Excellent for flushing hair accumulated between upper and lower cutting blades. Removes factory applied preservatives from new blades. Wash while you clip to help keep your clipper running perfectly. Provides some lubrication.

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Clipper Blade 83/84 AU(Oster)



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Clipper Blade A5 (#10, #15, #30) (Oster)


#10, #15, #30



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Kool Lube


Provides instant cooling, lubrication and cleaning for clipper blades. Spray through blades occasionally during clipping. Reduces friction, heat and blade wear without leaving heavy oil residue.

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Oster ClipMaster Variable Speed Clipper

Oster ClipMaster Variable Speed 610 Clipper

The Oster Clipmaster Variable Speed Clipper is perfect for body clipping or detailed clipping of cattle, horses and goats. May be used to trim club lambs or sheep after removing dense wool (with shears or sheephead unit).

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Bar-Vac CD/T

Boehringer Ingelheim

Will immunize healthy sheep, goats and cattle against Enterotoxemia and Tetanus caused by the toxins of Cl. perfringens types C & D and Cl. tetani. Dosage: Cattle ½ 5 ml; Sheep & goats ½ 2 ml subcut. Repeat in 21-28 days and annually. U.S. Lic. No. 124.  Anaphylactic reactions may occur. Symptomatic treatment: Epinephrine.

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Covexin 8


Available in 10 ds. and 50 ds.

For the vaccination of healthy cattle and sheep against diseases caused by Clostridium chauvoei, Cl. septicum, Cl. novyi Type B, Cl. haemolyticum (known elsewhere as Cl. novyi Type D), Cl. tetani and Cl. perfringens Types C and D.

Although Clostridium perfringens Type B is not considered a significant problem in the U.S.A., immunity may be provided against the beta and epsilon toxins elaborated by Cl. perfringens Type B. The immunity is derived from the combination of Type C (beta) and Type D (epsilon) fractions.

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